Jiu-Jitsu God Atago Shrine

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From: takenouchi-ryu.org

•Hinoshita Torite Kaisan Takenouchi-Ryu is the oldest form of Jiu-jitsu that first appears in the historical record. Hence, it is praised as ” The origin of Jiu-Jitsu”. The founder of Takenouchi-Ryu, Takenouchi Nakatsukasa Taifu Hisamori was born in the 3rd year of Bunki(1503) at the Kyoto Takeuchi family.

After the ōnin war, in the year of Eisho (around 1518), right in the midst of the disorder of the Sengoku period (=age of warring states), Hisamori sought a new frontier and moved from Kyoto to the Land of Mimasaka.

At Mimasaka, Hisamori led the local samurais, became the lord of Ichinose castle and devoted himself in training martial arts every day and night.

Hisamori, secluded himself in Haga-go Sannomiya shrine deep in the mountains. He prayed to the Deity Atago and for six days and six nights he devoted in ascetic training.

Under fasting, while standing he swung his 2shaku 4sun (approx. 29 inch) wooden katana, and while sitting, he meditated.

On Mangannohi (day of fulfillment), lunar calendar June 24th, the first year of Tenmon (1532), Atago god revealed himself as an old man and granted, Koshinomawari 25kajou (25 techniques of armed grappling) and Torite 5kajou (5 techniques of arresting).

•The current headmaster is 14th Takeuchi Toichiro Hisamune.

(Directly translated from https://www.takenouchi-ryu.org/english/history/)